CP from Hong Kong

Hey guys, I finally made it back home (Hong Kong) and I have been uber busy running errands and getting ready to move back to Chicago. If you guys need a cp from any Asian brands (Shiseido, Kose, Kanebo, Missha, Laneige, DHC etc) while I’m here, just holla. Here are some of the things I think you guys should check out:

* Eye Talk/glue/tape to create a crease (see this entry for more info)

* Tuke-Matuge Clip (this is a clip to apply falsies and trust me it makes the application like *so* much easier – here’s a picture of it)

* Japanese whitening/hydrating paper masks

My e-mail addy’s makeup_forlife@yahoo.com and I only take Paypal (US account). Peace*~


  1. hey phyllis, i was wondering if you could do an entry on make up for high school students in the morning? or…if that’s too much trouble, can you just do one specifically on pencil eye shadows?? thanks =DD
    hope to see you post soon!

  2. yah I’ll be sending from Hong Kong but I won’t be here for long so if you want something, please let me know asap.

  3. How’s Hong Kong? I haven’t gone back for a couple months and I am already missing the food 😛

    Anyways, enjoy Hong Kong!

  4. =[[ have fun ^^!
    awww mang japanese makeup seems so cool!
    how do you like the majolica majorica (sp??) from shesheido mascara? i just got it, but im scared to open it cause i have like 4 mascaras open right now -_-
    the benefit get bent sucks !!
    when i was in sephora in the states ( from canada here ) i was thinking of getting the one tha you like, the ” yes to vollume no to clumps ” but i thought i’d go out on a limb and get that stupid get bent.. sucks hardcore man