MAC Strange Hybrid Collection Reviews

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthPigments ($19.50)
Described as a “frosty tan with gold pearl”, Jardin Aires is the new and limited edition pigment from this collection. The actual color looks a lot darker than the picture on the left (why are online swatches never accurate?!) In fact, it is almost like a champagne color and is very similar to Dazzleray pigment. It is super pigmented and packed with glitter which is oh-so-pretty! Some people may find the chunky texture hard to work with but the problem can easily be fixed by patting it on instead of sweeping.

Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & BandwidthEyeshadows ($14)
There are five eyeshadows from this collection, They are all new colors and limited edition. Floral Fantasy is a shimmery pink violet; Moonflower is an frosty intense mid-tone blue with silver pearl; Rose Blanc is a shimmery soft yellow-gold with gold pearl; Fertile is a shimmery muted black purple and finally, Seedling is a shimmery yellow taupe. All of them are really pretty and the pigmentation is great. I bought Moonflower since it was the most unique shade out of them all and I cannot wait to experiment with it.