Bio-Oil Update

Week Two
I have been using this religiously for two weeks now – twice a day on my thigh area and once on my face every other day – and half of the 60ml bottle is almost gone. So far my skin has gotten smoother and is definitely less dry. My stretch marks have also faded slightly and my thigh area just feels nicer and a lot smoother. I have also tried applying this on a zit on my forehead (yes I do get them too!) and even though I hardly scar when I get zits, this seemed to help it heal faster. I will continue using this and will update in a month.

For my original post about Bio-oil, click here.


  1. is this work for dry skin? I don’t know why I had a dry skin on my t-zones starting from forehead (in between eyebrows) to my nose.. hopefully will help me

  2. ah i really want it .but i think i’ll have to wait till my skin clears up FIRST, then use it. cause i heard some people with acne didn’t benefit from this product
    plus. i don’t live in US T_T!

  3. Hmm I’m surprised that Bio-Oil is going so well for you. When I used it on a few scars I had on my face, it made me break out almost immediately.

    Also, I found that it took forever to sink into my skin, it stayed a big oily mess on my face for ages, even though I didn’t put alot.

  4. my Gosh Girl

    I love love ur blog so much, I have spent half the day just reading it. ur pictures a superb I am a black girl liveing in south Africa and have an acute fetish for makeup. even though it’s hard to get blogs that give great tips on dark complexions ur blog pretty much explains most things that I want to know about.

    Great job u a doing, it’s rally much appreciated.

  5. Jia, I’m sorry to hear that the product is not working for you. Me and my sister are both loving this product.

    If you are breaking out, it is possible that you are allergic to some of the ngredients. Did you try massaging it into your skin? This will definitely help it sink in.

  6. hey Posley, thanks for the support. I have been getting e-mails and questions from people of different ethnicities so I will try expanding my blog to suit a broader audience =)