1. It looks nice. =]
    How much was it???
    Oh yeah, can you please let me know how to use a eyebrow mascara. Thank you. =)

  2. I think it was like 7 pounds for a set. They’re actually doing a promotion at Boots so if you buy another set, it’s half off the second one.

    To use an eyebrow mascara, simply brush it onto your eyebrows upwards.

  3. so those nails…you did them urslef? you just bought them and glued them on….or did you get a prof to do them for you??

  4. Great nails!
    it’s great how you do the those celebrity breakdowns, and i was wondering if i really wanted to request you to do one how would i do that? thanks!

  5. yes I bought the set, trimmed them and glued them on myself. It’s actually a *lot* easier than you think it is and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments from people too =)

  6. If you want me to do a celeb breakdown, you can simply leave a comment on my latest entry or put it under request.