FOTD: MAC Barbie Makeup Look

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Published on February 20, 2007 with 25 Comments

Here is my MAC Barbie-inspired look that I have been wanting to do forever. The collection is not coming out until March over here in London so I just used whatever I got to try to copy the look. Hope you guys like it!

What I Used

* Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer in #3.5 on undereye circles
* MAC Melton Mauve eyeshadow as blush
* MAC Prep and Prime Eye in Light as a base
* MAC Metamorph eyeshadow on entire lid and lower eye
* MAC Melton Mauve eyeshadow from crease to brow bone
* MAC Pink Freeze eyeshadow to highlight
* mark eyeshadow in Tiki on crease
* Bourjois Glitter Eye Pencil in Black on upper lash line
* Bourjois Yes to Volume mascara in Black on lower lashes
* Eylure Ready to Wear lashes in #116 on upper lashes
* MAC Scanty lipstick

Like the Barbie makeup look? Learn how to nail it!


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  1. wow looks soo nice

  2. woowww ! I have to try it myself tonite ! Any idea on how to do the polished skin ?

  3. u should join specktra girl…u nailed the look. it looks amazing

  4. For an airbrushed look, apply a liquid foundation with a brush in a buffing motion.

  5. wow, i wasn’t feeling the whole “barbie” look but you really pull it off!

  6. I can’t believe you’re just wearing concealer in these pics! I am unspeakably jealous of your great skin…

  7. I juss got my eyebrow mascara, but when I applied it on, my eyebrows don’t look like lighter. =/ I bought golden brown, am I suppose to trim it, in order for the color to show more?

  8. Is there a lipstick from MAC that is similar to Scanty?? I looked on their site and Scanty isnt there.. I assume it’s LE??

  9. absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Do you know anything about Chanel Brushes? Or which Brushes you recommend?

  11. What’d she use to make her eyes so glossy and sparkly?

  12. Quote: I juss got my eyebrow mascara, but when I applied it on, my eyebrows don’t look like lighter. =/ I bought golden brown, am I suppose to trim it, in order for the color to show more?

    There can be two reasons as to why your eyebrow gel doesn’t work. It could be that the product is not pigmented enough or your natural eyebrow color is too dark.

    It’s hard for me to tell you what to do when I have not seen your eyebrows. To lighten them, you can also try using a golden brown powder eyeshadow instead of an eyebrow gel.

  13. I’m not sure if Scanty’s LE but it was one of those amplified ones. You can try Emphatic – I heard it’s pretty similar to Scanty.

  14. Hey Phyllis, I absolutely love ur blog with all of ur wonderfully informative post. U look so gorgeous in those pictures (even without makeup). I wonder if u can do a tutorial with pictures on how to apply foundation and concealer. My skin is pretty bad. Do you reccomend any kind of foundation that will provide full coverage.Waiting for ur reply..and again, u look really stunning in all th pics u took.
    Another thing is that even i read ur tutorial on how to apply falsies,i can’t get it right..need help on that one.

  15. hi, what’s kind of product you use to highlight your nose? Thanks

  16. I use the shimmery side of NARS All About Eve eyeshadow duo.

  17. I’m looking for the scanty lipstick. is it true that its been discontiued? and where do u get yours now?


  18. Jelly, I got my Scanty at the MAC store but yes I heard it has been discontinued. Your best bet would be ebay.

  19. Hey I LOVE your blog! Please will you do a post with make-up inspired by the Beijing Opera female singers?
    Keep up the good work!
    LTZ xxx

  20. It’s so beautiful!
    But what is the brown color you used into the crease?
    Cose I can’t find it on the list? :O

  21. I did put that on the entry – it’s mark eyeshadow in Tiki.

  22. hey! i have a barbie themed dance coming up and i had no idea what to do make up wise but this helped so much! you have such a talent that is amazing!! x

  23. i love this look!! did u only use the mac scanty lipstick? ive been looking around for a lipgloss like that colour but i cant find one

  24. xonderful wonderful oh my god I have a heart attack so beautiful

  25. cooooooooool this image is so striking but sadly i dont think i am able to apply on my self

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