I’m backkkkkkk

Hey guys, sorry for not posting or responding to e-mails and requests. I have been away for Christmas and New Year’s and I just got back in town last night. I will be doing some updates in the next couple of days for sure so keep checking back.

Happy new year!!!! =)


  1. hello! i love your blog..it has so much information.
    but anyways, i was wondering if you are allowed to put on false eyelashes if you have contacts, cause i read that it could be dangerous but i see that you wear contacts and wear false lashes often..

  2. hi was just wondering if you are allowed to wear false eyelashes with contacts cause i read it could be dangerous..but i see that you wear false lashes alot even though you have contacts

  3. hello iwas wondering if you’re allowed to wear contacts w/ false eyelashes cause i heard that it was dangerous but i see that you wear false lashes all the time even though you have contacts

  4. yes I do wear contacts and falsies pretty much every day and I think it is absolutely safe as long as you are being careful and not poking your eyes.

  5. :) yayy! you’re back~ ^_^. oh right, and the dior foundation snow pure or w.e is doing well for me tooo~ :) the colour is good for winter hehe. i apply with brush since i find washing the sponge all the time to prevent bacteria tiring =).
    oh question, i got ANOTHER new powder, hehe i have so many that WORK on me now ( and loads that dont ). it’s called . palagangtong or something like that. it’s the theatrical makeup from dodo company or something. my cousin brought it back from HK :).
    have you heard anything on it? i think it’s a korean brandd. i tried looking it up on google and makeupalley, but not much explanation. eek. i don’t think i will open it yet though.. since i have so many powders/foundations out.. what if it goes bad after i open it and can’t finish it. -_-
    anyhow, :) glad you’re back! HAPPY NEW YEARS! <3

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you’ve ever used lancome’s photogenic fondation– and if you have an opinions on it. I just got it for Christmas, and wondering if it is worth opening or should I return it? I used to have oily skin– but now it is more of a combination type skin. Thank you!