Celebrity Makeup Breakdown Yuna Ito

Here is a breakdown of Yuna Ito’s makeup in her video “Losin” as requested:

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Brush a shimmery yellow-green eyeshadow (try Urban Decay’s Acid Rain or MAC’s Chartreuse pigment) onto your entire eyelid. Rim your upper and lower lashlines with a black eye pencil and apply several coats of mascara. For an extra oomph, apply glitter on the center of your eyelid.

To add a little warmth to your skin, brush on a shimmery peach color (try NARS Orgasm) onto your cheekbones.

For nude lips like Yuna’s, first tone down your lips with a flesh-colored lipstick like MAC’s Myth or simply apply a thin layer of foundation. Slick on a pale lipgloss like MAC’s Florabundance or Dior’s Addict Ultra Gloss in Dazzling Beige.


  1. Yeah. Did you live in Kowloon / near the other side? I lived in North Point near causuay bay. I dont know how to spell it. haha.

  2. Hey, is this the same look that she has when she is wearing the hat and black boots in the vid? If not can I get a breakdown of that?
    All of your posts are very educational btw so thanks SOOO MUCH!