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We have all heard of it, read about it and even saw it on the Tyra show. Like all other things, cosmetics do go bad and if you keep on using stale makeup, you are just sending yourself on the way to breakouts and skin irritation.

So how can you find out if your makeup has gone bad? The first thing you should do is to check the expiry date on the product if there is one. Then, chuck anything if:

1) it smells funny
2) the texture has changed or separated
3) the color has changed
4) it is older than 3 years

Otherwise, you can follow the generalized shelf life of products below. Remember, liquid/cream products do not last as long as powder ones because they contain more emulsions, which are less stable and will break down over time.


Katja requested a breakdown of Koda Kumi’s eye makeup in this picture with MAC products. I found a similar look on MAC’s website and here is the breakdown:

Using the 222 Brush, wash a layer of Quarry Eye Shadow over the entire eyelid and closely under the lower lashline. To give more depth to the eye, apply Embark Eye Shadow in the outer crease as well as the outer half of the lower lash line. Blend in Carbon Eye Shadow with a 219 Brush in the inner crease, at the top of the outer crease and lightly at the lower lashline. Blending is key to mesh all three shadows together for that smokey effect. Next, use Brownborder Technakohl to line the top lashline, fanning slightly upwards. Line the bottom lashline with the same eye liner without connecting the line at the outer and inner corner of the eye. Smudge the liner slightly. Slather top and bottom lashes with as many layers of Zoomblack Zoomlash mascara as you desire.

With the 192 Brush, smooth on Uncommon Blushcreme on the cheekbones and blend upwards towards the temples.

For this nude lip, apply Sandy B. Lipstick and top it off with Florabundance Tinted Lipglass.

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Good news to all you Bourjois fans out there! Mini Bourjois, a pocket make-up range by Bourjois, has been launched. Currently, the entire line is available only in certain countries like Spain, France and Japan. Hopefully, it will come to London soon.

These mini eyeshadows come in 28 shades and are the same size as the regular pot eyeshadows. The only difference is that they come in little pans and you can put them in palettes that come with either 2 or 3 slots just like the MAC 4-pans. Also, the applicator that comes with the pot eyeshadows is not included.

This is a mini version of Bourjois’ best-selling lip gloss, Effet 3D. It comes with a charm that attaches to any cell phone giving it a chic look and giving you more room in your purse. This is also available at Sephora in the US for $9.

These mini nail polishes come in 30 yummy shades under 5 different collections -Breakfast a Londres, Emplettes a New York, Cocktails a Barcelone, Diner a Paris and Club a Miami.

For more details, check out