Happy Halloween!!

Hey guys, just wanted to say Happy Halloween to you all!! I dressed up as a little devil today – will post pics tomorrow. Have fun tonight and stay safe!!!


  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering..
    I’ve played around with fake lashes.. but never really wore them out.

    How sweat-proof are they? For instance, during a night of extreme dancing out at the bars/clubs, will they start to come off?

  2. Hi,
    I’ve played around with fake lashes but never actually wore them out-
    so I was just wondering how sweat-proof fake lashes are-
    for instance..will they stay on through a long night of extreme dancing at the bars/clubs?

  3. I think how sweat-proof or long-lasting your falsies are depend on a lot of things, like the glue you use, your skin and what you are doing etc.

    For me, I can wear them pretty much all day/night and they will still stay on pretty well – I even went on the roller coaster once and they still stayed on intact!!

    Just make sure when you put them on, they are glued on properly and remember to use a waterproof glue like the one by Duo (trust me, it’s the best!)