Celebrity Makeup Breakdown Nicole Scherzinger in "Come To Me" Video

Here’s a breakdown on Nicole Scherzinger’s look from the Come to Me video as requested.

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Zorpia Photo Sharing: Free Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth

Skin must be kept glowy and flawless. For those of you who are on the pale side, try mixing a liquid bronzer like Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator Lotion in Golden Light into your foundation. Highlight the bridge of your nose with a shimmery beige color like MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Shimpagne.

Nicole’s eyes are sexified with a soft smoky look. Try Stila’s Fall in Love trio in Cedar Grove from their Fall collection. Apply the lightest color as a wash and add a little more under your browbone. Next, apply the shimmery copper color onto your entire eyelid and darken your crease with the mocha color. Remember to apply black eyeliner along both your up and bottom lashlines and lots and lots of mascara to bring out your peepers.

Suck in your cheeks and apply a peachy pink blush (try NARS Orgasm) along your cheekbones. Next, apply a darker blush like NARS Laguna right under the pink blush to contour.

Skip liner and apply a peachy pink lipgloss like NARS Orgasm to make your lips look uber luscious.


  1. Is there a way to highlight your nose without looking too greasy? The only places I seem to be able to highlight on my face are my cheekbones and over/under my eyebrows. Anywhere else and I look like an oil tanker crashed on my face! Should us oily girls just stay away from highlighting places like our t-zones?

  2. Hi Phyllis, Just got a question about Nicole Sherzingers makeup. What colour mac foundation do you think she would be?

  3. hi

    i just wanted to know what moisturizer does Nicole use on her face, that makes her skin look that good, i want my skin to look like that, my skin colour is similar to her, i need something to suit my skin colour, and that doesn’t look that bloggy, can you give me some tips