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July 2006

MAC Patternmaker Collection Reviews

MAC’s new Patternmaker Collection was finally released last Thursday with Nordstrom’s anniversary sale! Consisting of Circularity, Pattern Pink, Smoke Ring and Darkspot, together with Star Violet and Shimmermoss, the 6 Cool Eyes Palette ($35) looks *really* pretty even in person. All the colors are…

July 21, 2006

Sunscreen 101

It has been absolutely sizzling here in Chi-town for the past few days so I wanted to do an entry on sunscreens and clear up some of the misconceptions about them.…

July 19, 2006

Perfect Blush for Asian Skin

Here are a couple of ways to find the right color for your blush: 1. According to Bobbi Brown, the perfect shade of blush should match the color of your cheeks when your skin is flushed or when you are working out. In other…

July 18, 2006

How To: Create The Dewy Look

To achieve the dewy look as seen on the latest Vaseline ad featuring Hilary Duff, all you need is a few quick steps.…

July 7, 2006