Makeup Pics

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Published on June 15, 2006 with 11 Comments

I was surfing and wanted to share these pictures:

A typical yet pretty Asian look

Love the tropical colors!

I *love* vibrant colors on dark skin!

Can I say hotttttttttttt?!!


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  1. i like the typical asian look ar!!!! do it on me next time :D

  2. The last one is scary!! Looks like she’s bleeding… O_O maybe it’ll look nicer if we saw the whole face and not a close-up.

  3. bleeding? *lol*

  4. I love the asian look! She seems to have single eyelids, but I wonder how her eyes are lined so well! Gorgeous!

  5. I really like all of those looks! Which store did you get your piggies from? I’m thinking of picking up one or two.

  6. 99% of my pigments are from MAC. I have some from L’oreal too but those are all discontinued.

  7. Wendy, to have your eyes lined like that, you need a liquid liner and you need to wing it out at the outer corner and make sure there’s no white space in between ur lashline and the liner.

  8. I love the last one.
    I’ve always wanted to do something that stands out a lot yet not so fun like.

    The last one I pointed out was marvelous! I love it.
    If only it was a shot farther away TT_TT aw.

    btw, I LOVE your blog. =)

  9. i was wondering how you do any eyeshadow on single eyelid or smokey eyes in specific… i can never do eyeshadows T_T

  10. Hey !
    I love your blog…I cant believe 2 hrs have passed away so quickly!!
    Could you do a video tutorial on how to apply basic eye shadow for everyday work…
    I would be grateful to you…coz I am 23 and have no clue how to use the eye shadow ;)


  11. Where do you find all these pictures?
    I love them.
    Love your work too, it is amazing!
    Bex, Xox

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