Makeup Pics

I was surfing and wanted to share these pictures:

A typical yet pretty Asian look

Love the tropical colors!

I *love* vibrant colors on dark skin!

Can I say hotttttttttttt?!!


  1. The last one is scary!! Looks like she’s bleeding… O_O maybe it’ll look nicer if we saw the whole face and not a close-up.

  2. I really like all of those looks! Which store did you get your piggies from? I’m thinking of picking up one or two.

  3. Wendy, to have your eyes lined like that, you need a liquid liner and you need to wing it out at the outer corner and make sure there’s no white space in between ur lashline and the liner.

  4. I love the last one.
    I’ve always wanted to do something that stands out a lot yet not so fun like.

    The last one I pointed out was marvelous! I love it.
    If only it was a shot farther away TT_TT aw.

    btw, I LOVE your blog. =)

  5. i was wondering how you do any eyeshadow on single eyelid or smokey eyes in specific… i can never do eyeshadows T_T

  6. Hey !
    I love your blog…I cant believe 2 hrs have passed away so quickly!!
    Could you do a video tutorial on how to apply basic eye shadow for everyday work…
    I would be grateful to you…coz I am 23 and have no clue how to use the eye shadow 😉