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Published on June 22, 2006 with 8 Comments

Here’s a picture of my pigments so you all can stop wondering what the different shades look like *lol*


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  1. Thanks so much! Disregard my email.. tehehe.

  2. wow thats a lot of pigments i’ve been thinking of getting some but i have some questions like what is the costs and is it worth it? i just don’t know what color to get….

  3. (^。^) ho lang ar!!

  4. *drool*

  5. Pigments retail US$19.50 plus tax. The price may be a little steep but a jar can last forever which is why I have decided to come up with pigment sample sets so you guys can get a little of some of the colors you like instead of buying the whole jar.

  6. i am officially jealous. i need to go to the MAC counter soon :)

  7. here in australia it’s like $40 a jar!!!

  8. okay, i am officially drooling now… so many pretty color!

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