Hey guys, sorry for not updating this blog as much as before. A lot has been going on lately and I’m trying very hard to cope. Feel free to leave a comment under this entry if you have any questions and requests, I will try to answer everything either tomorrow or Friday.


  1. hey phyllis, i hope whenever you have time you’ll come back to this blog that so many people love!

    and also if you have time could you please tell me where you got your mineralize skin finishes? are they all or mostly limited edition? because i live in australia and none of my friends have heard of them.i also went on the MAC site and there’s none there either.

    thanks for this blog whether or not you reply! 😛

  2. thanks guys =)

    Jen, all of MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinishes are limited edition that’s why you don’t see them in stores/online anymore. You can prolly still find some of them on ebay but I heard they’re going for a lot higher than the retail price. The good news, however, is that MAC is releasing more in July. There’s no word as to whether they are new colors or repromotes of old shades yet so you might want to wait a little.

  3. i’m so sorry about what’s happening in your life. hope whatever it is changes for the best. your blog is great, bless ya.