New Pigments!!!

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Published on April 17, 2006 with 8 Comments

Good news to all you pigment lovers out there – MAC is launching a new collection called She Shines with 7 new pigments in mid-June! Here’s some info on the shades:

Shimmertime: Soft baby pink
Dazzle Ray: Sunny golden peach
Golder’s Green: Sea-green with gold
Azreal Blue: Soft blue with silver
Night Light: Smokey olive with gold
Sunny Daze: Apricot-taupe with silver
Sunpepper: Rosy taupe with silver
Frost (repromote)
Rose (repromote)

Right now there’s no word as to whether these pigments are limited edition or not but if they are, I have to start saving for them *sigh*


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  1. Hi, I love your blog, I just have a quick question. I was looking through your old posts, and about the Smokey Eye Tutorial, what is loose powder? Sorry, I’m a bit clueless about these things =X

  2. hi Liz, loose powder is just a kind of powder but instead of being pressed into a compact, it comes in a container. Here’s a picture of it if you’re still confused:

  3. hi! i enjoy reading your blog. but there are some terms that i don’t understand>> what are pigments for? :) thanks!

  4. What brushes do you recommend I should get from MAC? thanks =)

  5. omg i’ve been so anticipating this collection! (now that i finally know which colors will be out, i am even MORE excited than i was before!) thank you SO MUCH!

  6. i love ur site!

  7. heard they were LE on specktra

  8. Wow, how do you have enough money to buy so much MAC products?

    I would love to, but they’re so expensive and I’m a college student, so… =[

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