MAC Haul

I got a couple of new MAC pigments earlier this week. Here they are:

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Ruby Red: I have used this before in one of my “Face of the Night” entries. It is a shimmery raspberry red color.

Golden Lemon: this is a shimmery goldish yellow color. It would be great as a wash or for highlighting the inner corner.

Chartreuse: this is a shimmery kiwi green with yellow in it. I wore this with Deep Blue Green and it made my eyes pop.

Kelly Green: this color is exactly the same green you see on St. Patrick’s Day. This would look *so* pretty with Chartreuse.

Deep Blue Green: this looks black in a quick glance but is actually a very dark blue with a green sheen to it. This would look great as a liner or for a smoky eye look.

If I have time, I will probably do a couple of looks with these colors and post pictures.


  1. hi i have a question…instead of putting foundation over concealer can u use tinted moisturiser instead, will it have the same afeect if i want the flawless skin look?

  2. Tinted moisturizers are generally a lot sheerer than foundations and concealers. As the name suggests, it is only a moisturizer with a tint of color. If you have good skin, a tinted moisturizer might suffice to achieve the flawless look but if you’re not so lucky or just want a natural look, I wouldn’t recommend using it.

  3. they look gorgeous by the way =] i’ve always wanted MAC pigments, ever since the post where you showed pictures of mixing MAC kohl with several pigments, those are SO pretty!

  4. hey phyllis, this is a fantastic site and you’re like the guru of makeup. i’m wondering about the brand bare minerals/escentuals i can’t really remember 😛 . have you ever tried it and does it really provide the coverage they claim to have?

  5. Loving the updates on your site! <3 wonderful information... i don't know if we have Milani in Canada though.. or at least not wehere i live.. i haven't seen it!