Free Makeovers

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Published on March 08, 2006 with 13 Comments

Anyone around the Chicago area wanna get a makeover? I live in the northside (near Boystown) and I will do your makeup for free. If you are interested, leave a comment here.


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  1. Dang it, I wish I lived somewhere around there, but here I am in Colorado. Sigh.

    It’s nice of you to offer, though!

  2. haha too bad i dont live in the US la, maybe later in UK? hehe

  3. sure Loraine, I would *love* to do your makeup =)

  4. oh, i’m signing up for this one. ;) let’s go somewhere fun afterwards so i can show it off!

  5. aww, are you going to give Minna a makeover then? Can you post before and after pics for us?

  6. I live in Chicago and would love to get a free makeover, please let me know if you are still available email me at

  7. Hi I got the link to your site through in the health and beauty section. Someone had recommended your site for your beauty tips. and I’m loving your site =) thanks for all the tips. I live in Chicago and was wondering if you’re still offering free makeovers? can you e-mail me at thank!

  8. awww i would totally want you to do my make up and give me tips, i’m such a newbie :[ too bad i live in the suburbs(wheaton) unless we could arrange something :P

  9. Wow! ur blog is really informative! Thanks for the great reviews.. really helped me when buying my products =)

    Ooh.. u do makeovers? Hmm wandering if you still do them..? I would so loveee if you cud do my makeup hehe…I’m in UK btw lol =P

    Nvm if you don’t though, keep up the great blog! =)

    Feel free to contact me

    - Luna

  10. hrmm doesn’t seem like you’re in chicago still. but if you ever come back i’m open for a free makeover! i just discovered your blog randomly on google, but love it! my email is btw!

  11. if you’re ever back in chicago, let me know i’m down for a free makeover! need some expert advice too =D glad i discovered your blog from google. hehe

  12. do you live near west chicago?

  13. No I’m by Wrigley

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