Celebrity Makeup Breakdown: Koda Kumi

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Published on March 16, 2006 with 4 Comments

I *love* reading Japanese makeup magazines for inspiration (I think the Japanese have the best makeup for Asians) and right now I’m really digging Koda Kumi’s makeup for her newest single. Pairing different bright colors is my all time favorite look.

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For this look, I would suggest using the following:

* Baby blue eyeshadow on entire lid (try MAC Fade)
* Darker blue eyeshadow on outer corner (try Urban Decay Goddess)
* Dark purple eyeshadow on lower lashline (try MAC Parfait Armour)
* Black liner on top and lower lashline (try MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack)
* Lots of black mascara or even falsies

* Frosty pale pink lipgstick (try MAC Pervette)

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  1. koda kumi looks scary. i hate her.

  2. *lol* but you gotta admit her makeup’s pretty.

    i miss you so much hun =(

  3. Hey Phyllis,

    I was wondering where you get the japanese makeup magazines from? Do you get them especially sent over from Japan?

  4. hi Rebecca, I got my Japanese magazines at this Japanese bookstore 15 minutes away from where I live. They’re like $10 each which is such a ripoff!

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