MAC Culturebloom Collection Reviews

February 21, 2006

MAC’s newest collection, Culturebloom, just hit stores on 2/16. Read on to see what I picked up!

Iris Print Eyeshadow ($13.50)
MAC describes this as an “indigo blue with low-level frost”. To me, it seems more like a periwinkle color with lots of gold glitter. It is kind of like a fusion of Cornflower pigment and Trax eyeshadow. When I saw it, I knew I had to get it. The texture is a little gritty and it goes on pretty sheer too but the color is definitely buildable and it looks gorgeous.

Overgrown Eyeshadow ($13.50)
Described as a “vibrant yellow/green fusion”, Overgrown is a highly pigmented shimmery greener version of Bitter. Compared to Bitter, Overgrown is a lot more wearable and blendable – Bitter is a little too matte and chalky for my taste. It is also similar to Lucky Green but somewhat more yellow. I really like this color – it is very unique and very springy.

Botanical Eyeshadow ($13.50)
Unlike the “leafy greige with frost” shade as shown on the picture on the left, Botanical is more like a taupe brown with tons of silver glitter. Some people say it is similar to Moth Brown but I do not see the similarities. Botanical is a lot browner and taupey compared to the grey-blackish Moth Brown. It is a very pretty color and I will be wearing this a lot.

Lavender Sky Eyeshadow ($13.50)
Described as a “bright lavender with pearl”, Lavender Sky looks a lot more warmer than the color shown in the picture. I was a little skeptical at first (I was scared it would give me the “pink eye” look) but my roommate insisted I get it and I am so glad that I did – thanks Brian! It turned out really pretty and it makes my brown eyes pop. Some say it is similar to Stars ‘n Rockets but I think Lavender Sky goes on a little sheerer and it does not have the duochrome effect Stars ‘n Rocket does.

Other products
Love-Bud Eyeshadow ($13.50) – described as a “light coral/peach with frost”, I find it very similar to Say Yeah.

Spring Up Eyeshadow ($13.50) – this is a “light neutral yellow with frost” and very similar to Pollen except it is a lot smoother.

Blushcreme Pearls ($17.50) – these looked really pretty, especially Sweet William. They are also very blendable and easy to work with but since I do not use cream blushes that much, I passed on them.

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