I have been getting a lot of requests on certain tutorials and reviews. It would be great if you guys can leave your requests as comments here so I can just check this page instead of the post on the fashion board. Thanks!

p.s. It would also be nice if you guys can leave your names instead of putting anonymous. That way, I can address you guys by your names. Thanks!


  1. Hi it’s me homesoy from the fashion board at Soompi! Just wanted to say that your blog is cool, haha. It’d be awesome if you can continue to post these info blogs like you’ve been doing. *bookmarks page* I personally don’t wear makeup (yet?) but after reading your Makeup blog, it seems so fun and exciting. I never knew such a makeup world existed, truly a refined beauty dynasty and your page really opened me up to it. Makeup really does have the power to draw in and portray various looks *sigh* I feel like I want that now (yaa im not afraid to say it =]); Or at least learn about how to apply, what are good products,etc. I’m only 15 years old so I guess I have time to expand on the art of makeup. Reading this page really helps. I haven’t bought any of the products you have listed yet because .. well number one I don’t know where to buy it. Two, my budget is an issue ( like all teenagers, I survive off of my parent’s generosity when it comes to leisure spending) and three, I’m scared it will turn out weird. IF it counts for anything, I’m a ballet dancer and i know how to apply makeup for stage purposes but that consists of really FLASHY and OBNOXiOUS, in your face dragqueen colors. Stage makeup is very different from the makeup techniques/style you post in this website so I don’t think any of that experience wil help. The makeup that I’m used to drawing on my face is very clown-like and ugly up close but the nude look you wrote about, or the nana look seems really sutiable for a date or a trip to the mall with friends. Sounds fun >.< Okay well I've typed alot.. to tell you the truth I'm getting excited. Im sure you think I'm a total dork now but whatever :D Btw, have you heard of “Id” brand? Alot of my peers use it. They say that its alot less heavy and suffocating that MAC. Whats your opinion?
    Thanks so much and cya later!

  2. It would be great if you could do a tutorial on smokey eyes for Asians. like how to apply it and what kind of makeup/tints/shades/colors to use. I love the smokey eye look but I can’t seem to get it right and I was hoping to use it for prom :)

    thanks in advance!

  3. wow you live like 30 min away from me =)
    i really enjoyed reading your makeup blog
    do you think you could post up recommendations for specific foundation and maximum concealer brushes to cover acne? I was thinking of purchasing brushes from MAC but was a bit unsure. THe chanel brushes cost just as much.

  4. Thanks for making this blog! I love this kind of stuff especially from people who have tried all types of things and know which ones are best. Can you do one on mascaras that lengthen, curl and make fuller? And could you also do one on face moisturizers and if you’ve tried them, eyelash growers (ex. Talika lash). Thanks!!

  5. Hi there,

    Just saw this post after posting my requests elsewhere ..
    Look forward to your review on Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation. Also, it would be great if you can talk about foundation, loose powder and pressed powder.
    BTW, where do you buy Inoui seems very hard to find ..

  6. yeah !! sounds very very familiar… Well i was just wondering if you liked it because I’m planning to buy it.

  7. hello i was wondering if yu could make a thing on how to put on the eyeliner so it wont smudge or disappear cos everytime i use eyeliner it always either smudges or comes off ;[

  8. I am already working on an entry about eyeliners and I will publish it in a bit. please check back later tonight =)

  9. hey sorry !! i didnt notice this before and i posted a request in the entry about mascara x__x but YEAHH Lovin this blog imma come by more often.didnt work for me before..=)

  10. ok, i’m going to be a bridesmaid at my bestfriends summer (august) wedding. also, my bestfriend asked me to do her makeup for her. she doesn’t know anything about makeup. i know more than her but barely anything (the only real trouble i have is putting on eyeshadow but i’m practicing with that). so i need some help like on what kind of colors to use. my friend likes to be natural but i also want her to look good so if you could help that’ll be great. oh yes, my friend is asian and her skin is probably a bit darker than yours in your profile pics.

    also one more request, i’ll be wearing a brown bridesmaid dress so what kind of eyeshadow (or in general makeup) should i wear with it. i’m asian but i have naturally dark brown hair and light skin.

    so if you have any suggestions, it will really help.

  11. hii, i really like your blog! you seem very knowledgeable about make-up.
    i was wondering if you’ve tried any of the prescriptives products… i recently bought a bunch of prescriptives products because a friend of mine recommended them to me. Have u heard of any of their ‘Magic’ products? supposedly it’s supposed to make your skin more flawless??

    My requests for possible blog subjects are to maybe talk about skincare lines? currently i’m using Shiseido 3-step Skincare line. Are there others out there that you’d recommend?

    Also, which eye creams or products are good for covering and getting rid of dark-circles? i tried the Benefit “eye bright”… and it did NOT work for me.. it actually seemed to make my dark-circles more noticable. Also, if i use concealers underneath my eyes (MAC concealer) then it seems like i get more wrinkles under my eyes???

    sorry, i have so many questions… hahah but hopefully you can answer them! thanks~~ i’m looking forward to your future blog topics! =]

  12. hello! i was wondering (if possible) if you could do a post geared towards foundation color and foundation products aimed at asians?

    i have trouble buying foundation because they’re always off and it’s not like i can walk out of the store and see if the color suits me well or not bc they would think i’m crazy lol. i tried doing samples, but not every product i want can provide me samples =(.

  13. hello,
    i was wondering if you could do a review on laneige’s makeup line? especially the moisture lighting foundation one. i’m interested in buying one, but i can’t seem to find a nearby place that sells it so i’m going to buy it online. problem is, the colors they listed are like computer-color`d, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a match for me. can you help me please? i’ve been wanting to try this product like forever, but i didn’t want to waste time and money if it wasn’t the right color match and loaded with problems. if i’m not wrong, i’m around a c4 in mac’s cosmestics and maybelline’s pure make up i’m a nude color. i don’t really know my undertones =/, i think i’m a yellow because the underside of my arm has green veins, not blue. so can you please help me find a color matcher with laneige’s? thank you!

  14. Hi there, your make-up tips are great, but i was just wondering if there is a product that would lighten eyebrows, or will i need to visit the salon?


  15. hii wonderin if you can have a post on eyeshadow for girls with single eyelid or atleast have the line but doesn’t crease

  16. I’m 15 and I’m currently trying out makeup xD. Can you do a guide for acne treatment? with product recommendations? The ones you’ve suggest before are in the US and not available in Canada, either that or they are too expensive for a young teen like me. =(

    I’d be very happy if you could =)

    PS: Can I hear your opionion on avon products?

    and a question, if a cleanser says “brings out impurities” does it mean bringing up pimples? because I’ve been using it and getting more pimples. =(

  17. Hello! i’d like to know if you could post some guidelines about wearing eye make-up (eye shadow, mascara) with contact lenses. I find your site realy helpful and so I thougt maybe you could help me and other curious readers out there about this certain issue.

    Thank you!

  18. I have posted a picture of me with no eye makeup. it’s the before picture under the How to Tightline your Lashes tutorial.

  19. I was wondering if you can do a tutorial on doing the cat eye look? I can never draw it right and straight..also do you mind giving product recommendations of what to use for the look?

    THANKS IN ADVANCE ! Your site is the best, I’m almost coming here when I’m make up lost lol.

  20. Hey, just wanted to say this blog is awesome! Great tips and reviews, and it definitely helps that you have great taste, too!
    Here’s a question for you: I’m Asst. Fashion Dir. at an Asian pop culture magazine, (Shei Magazine, we have a blog too, if you want to check it out!) but it’s a student org and we operate on basically a negative budget, so I end up doing make-up for the shoots sometimes. Any tips for doing cool and unusual (didn’t intend the pun.. ugh) make-up for asian girls?

    Thanks and for the love of God please don’t stop blogging!!

  21. hey Phyllis, i was wondering if you ever read the book MAKE UP FOR ASIAN WOMEN by Jacelyn Tsai? something like that. it’s on AMAZON. i was thinking about getting the book but i’m not suree…i just want some input on it. THANKSS =)

  22. Hello Phyllis, I just found your blog the other day. I was browsing fashion messageboard and you said come visit your site. All I can say is how much I LOVE IT! You did an amazing job. I can not say enough how much I am a makeup freak. I absolutely love it. You have definently surpassed me in the makeup collection, I thought I had lots of makeup. lol! But anyways keep up the great work. Thanks for your time trying to keep us fabulous.

  23. heya
    love your website! it’s been really useful
    it’d be really great if you could do a post about hair or something as i always have problems with maintaining it..

  24. Hey, this is the first time i’ve seen this blog and it is so cool! finally i’ve found a place where i can actually see how to apply makeup to us chinese people!lol, it’s so hard finding tips on this because all tips are usually for westerners or chinese people with large ‘western-like’ eyes.

    I’ve always wanted to know how to apply dark makeup without closing up the eyes like stars in hong kong.
    will you be able to tell me how to create an evening look, like how kathy chow has it please?

  25. hey Phyllis! i’m having a problem with mascara..well i love it but i don’t think it’s really for me x_x i went through so many mascaras and they always make it feel like my eyes are burning..or they’ll flake and get into my eyes..PLUS its hard to remove & i dun just have mch time makin sure its all removed & I also wear contacts too! i’m thinking of trying blinc’s kiss me mascara or a clear gloss but right now i’m on a budget!

    anywyas i was wondering if you have any eye make up ideas for the eyes without mascara, without looking too bare? THANKS ALOT :)

  26. hey! first off, i just want to say you have an amazing page and keep up the good job! also, i had asked you if i wanted to request a celebrity breakdown and you said to just put it on request so here it is!

    I really want to get Rainie Yang’s natural, yet glowy/sultry look.

    Again, thank you so much for doing this!

  27. Hi! I love your site! I was wondering what eyeshadow colors would be good for my skin tone? I think we have the same (fair skinned asian)… I was thinkinf of like electric blue or blue green or blue..teal..blah blah blah lol – the bright ones, not the pastel ones. Thank you so much! Hope to hear from you soon =)

  28. Hi Phyllis! You’re so pretty! I reallyyy love your blog. I came across it yesterday, and I was just stuck to my computer for 2 hours lol. I was wondering if you would be able to recommend any tinted moisturizers? I’m usually all about foundation because I ::need:: the coverage (acne marks, but no acne = strange), but this year’s winter miraculously turned my super-oily skin into a dry flakey mess! All of my foundations ended up accentuating my flakiness, even with fanatical exfoliation and over-moisturizing. 😛 I really hope you have some suggestions. Thanks Phyllis! (Btw random fact: I actually go to the same univ as Mandy Mitchell haha! Sheifest is tomorrow!)

  29. Yoori, try using a moisturizing primer before you apply foundation. You can also try using those Asian hydrating paper masks – they really work!

  30. Hey,

    Prom’s coming up in a few weeks, and I was just wondering if you could help me brainstorm/plan out my makeup for it. My dress is red, somewhere between dark and red. I could email a picture, if that would be better. 😛 I appreciate any assistance you can give!


  31. heyyy omg i LOVE your blog… it is so helpful! I wish you could give me a make-over bt i live in Canada :( … newayzz can you please tell me how to get rid of acne scars? The person of the drug store said it will fade away after a few months, but I can’t wait that long! thankss

  32. Hi! I’m having a tough time trying to decide on perfume, and I was wondering if you could help? And if you could, you please please please write something about it? It will be much appreciated!!

  33. Hello, my name is Hana and my hugest problem had got to be unwanted facial hair… more specific…. above my top lip!
    It’s hella annoying … i never used to have this problem so bad but one day my friend pointed a hair out and then I got self conscious and shaved it off… later on i noticed more… and then shaved it …and gradually it became darker and more corse.. its not attractive.

    I would really like to know what you would reccomend I use to get rid of it… I’m scared to have it threaded out… and I’m thinking of waxing the area… but I’m not sure what kind of wax brand is the best… I live in London so if you know any stores that do decent facial wax products let me know … thank you~~!

    (btw you’re blog is very helpful!)

  34. heyy phyllis,

    I just have to reiterate what everyone else has said: i LOVEE your blog. Although I’m not much of an avid makeup wearer, (yet ;]) all the tips for asian girls have really helped me, esp. for the eyes. I was wondering if you could expand the ‘hair’ section of your blog, because I’m thinking of getting my hair permanently straightened, but i’m not sure as to which styles would look nice. Could you do a blog on hairstyles if you had time?? thank youu in advance =) also, could you post up pictures of pretty eyebrow shapes? I wanted to redo mine, but i couldn’t find a proper picture/role model to follow.

    Please and Thank you,

  35. Hi, i really like your blog, can you please do a post about how to do my eye makeup to look like her: or her?
    I really like their eyes, I tried to use MAC pigments in vanilla shade on the bottom of my eyes and it looked really nice but I dont know what to use on the crease or on my eye lid =/. Should I use matte eye shadow or shimmery?=/ And what color?
    Thanks =)

  36. hi phyllis! thanks for all the great info.! could you put up how to put makeup over eye tape or glue?
    thanks so much! i love your site!

  37. hi phyllis…..wat a grt job ur doing. i luv ur page.
    im 16 and have just started on makeup and dont noe much aabt it but i really admire the various kinds of looks v c on da celebs and tv. but da biggest thing for me is dat I HAVE A WHEATISH COMPLEXION and unfortunately all dis pale makeup doesnt go wid me.please give me simple steps wat just-2-begin teenager shld do wid makeup .also suggest simple makeup pro coz im on a budget and liv of ma parentz money lol. plz suggest makeup to go with my complexion.
    u cn mail me at
    luv u ,
    thanxxxxxxxxx 4 da awsum page!!!!!

  38. hey there! your page is so informative and cool :) i love your tips and tricks and ive shared many of your tricks with many of my friends of various ethnicities needless to say my Asian girlfriends LOVE your site! such great tips :)… they only thing is i’m African-American and its really hard for me to find foundations that actually blend well… i know many companies make darker tones BUT im more like Rihanna/ Alicia Keys’ complexion and everything either looks too dark and muddy on me (after it oxidizes) OR its too chalky and mask like. HELP!!!

  39. Hi,

    Thanks for putting up so many great tips! I was wondering if you could please do a post on how to get eyes that are uneven in size to look alike post makeup. I have one eye without any fold at all and one eye with a big, distinct fold. The only way I’ve found to make them look even when they’re open (they still look uneven when not fully open) is with black eyeshadow, blending around. This is totally infeasible for a daytime look! Tips? Suggestions?

  40. Hi Phyllis, I love your blog! I have been reading your tutorials for several months now and regularly check for new updates (which are great). I cannot open the ‘tighline’ and ‘cateye’ tutorial though, but really want to read them. Can you check the link? I also think you look very pretty in your new profile pic – maye you could show us what products you used?

    Thanks so much

  41. Hello Phyllis! =D I’m going to France in a few month so I was wondering if you could recommand me some products that I ABSOLUTELY have to get while i’m there..After it is the fashion capital of the world 😛 Budget isnt really an issue since my parents will be supplying me with $$ X3 But yeah.. I’m really into eye makeup with the liners, lashes and eyeshadow..And i gotta say you explain things very clearly..^^ It makes things so much easier. Anyways yeah..if you can help me out, I’ll be forever grateful 😀

  42. hey there!i juz searched around for a good makeup blog..and there u are!nice blog!love it a lot~ and..i kinda need some help in makeup(juz started out putting on makeups a few months ago)so…here’s my confusion: 1)i wanna buy Benefit’s some kinda gorgeous foundation,but when i view ppl’s comments,some said that it’s kinda dark for fair skin tone,and i dunno…i mean,i hv fair to medium skin tone(reference:i’m using Laura Mercier #3 color foundation) and i dunno if it’d suit me,would u give me some suggestion?(and here’s the biggest problem:don’t really hv time to try it in counters)
    2)and…now i’m using Laura Mercier foundation powder as i mentioned,however,some said that it’d go better with the tinted moisturier / the foundation primer. so i was just wondering if u had tried these b4?and maybe some comments on these??
    *thank you so much for just reading this whole thing:]

  43. Hey phyllis, stil loving your blog, it always helps me out so much :)

    i was just wandering if you could do a breakdown of the latest shiseido maquillage look by yuri ebihara, i can’t seem to get it right because her eyes are so much bigger than mine lol!

    do you have any tips on how to do it on eyes with smaller creases please?

  44. hi, can you do a tutorial on a nude look? so far, i haven’t had any luck finding products with that “natural subtle glow”.

  45. Hi,
    Can you post a blog about Asian makeup? I have such a hard time finding makeup such as foundation and concealers that’s fits my Asian skin tone. Please help.
    Thank you.

  46. Hi Phyllis! Thanks for the reply on BB cream 😀 I’ve ordered mine n I have so much fun reading your blog!! <3

    I wonder if you could do a tutorial for green eyeshadow. I have MAC humid, but I don’t know how to pull the look together :/

    Btw, I’m Asian :)Oh and also, is it necessary to use serum? what are the benefit of using serum?

  47. Hi,

    I came across your blog while doing a search for a certain mascara. Fantastic pages.Thanks for the tutorials although I’m not done with them yet.
    BTW, have you heard about Spinlash mascara? Its supposed to spin, hence, the name.
    I have very long lashes and I need help on that department to tame my unruly lashes(separate them after mascara aplication)

  48. hi, i absolutely love your site! thanks for all the great stuff you put up. i was wondering if you could do step by step instructions on how to put makeup over eyelid tape. not too much makeup but enough to hide the tape and make eyes look big. thanks!

  49. Hello! i’m an asian. Can you make a tutorial for contouring on asian face naturally (without shimmer i guess) ? Higher nose and slimmer face. And also suggest some good make up for contouring..thanks!

  50. I really love your new pix. Your skin/foundation looks flawless. Which makeup foundation were you wearing in that picture?