2006 Runway Makeup Trends: Gold Eyeshadow

January 12, 2006

Besides the nude look, one of the hottest makeup trend this year is gold eyeshadow. Designers like Celine, Anna Sui and Michael Kors all sent their models on the runway with eyes rimmed in gold as shown in the pictures below. But unlike the cool-toned gold with glitter look from before (think Foxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers), the gold eyeshadow we see this year is a lot softer and more towards the warm side.

How To Wear Gold Eyeshadow
* To avoid a swollen look, use a pale gold in the inner corner, a medium gold all over the lid and a darker brown on your crease. Line your bottom lashes with a gold pencil liner.

* With eyes this bright, keep the rest of your face clean and simple with pink blush and pink gloss.

* MAC Amberlights
* MAC Goldmine
* MAC Gorgeous Gold

Images: Style.com

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